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By Pam Edwards

By Pam Edwards

By Pam EdwardsBy Pam EdwardsBy Pam Edwards

Halo Couture

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You will need 2 appointments. (30 MINUTES EACH). The First one to try on the Samples and Place your order. (HALF THE PRICE IS DUE AT THIS TIME). The Second appointment is to Pick up your Halo. I will show you how to install it and I will customize it for you and style/curl it. I pre-wash them when they arrive and deep condition them and allow them to air dry overnight. This ensures that the natural wave will be most beautiful and have the most volume. Unwashed Halos are more straight as there is a light layer of silicone on them. Halos are great for special events and brides. Also for those who do not want to commit to a more permanent option (sewn in extensions). Halos are removable. They are great for a very active lifestyle, just remove it, exercise,  then put it back on. It takes about 30 seconds to install.  These are addictive, most ladies own more than one! They last about 1 year if worn daily. Much longer if only worn a few times a week. Check out their Website Link Below. Their website is beautiful and has great instructional videos as well. Their instagram is @halocoutureExtensions. You can also get a Halo to wear UNDER your row of sewn in extensions. The options are endless!