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By Pam Edwards (by Appointment Only) Private Studio. TEXT 916-803-3602

By Pam Edwards (by Appointment Only) Private Studio. TEXT 916-803-3602

By Pam Edwards (by Appointment Only) Private Studio. TEXT 916-803-3602By Pam Edwards (by Appointment Only) Private Studio. TEXT 916-803-3602



How Often do I need to Move Them Up? Every 6-9 weeks

Your hair extensions will grow out and feel loose. (They are actually still secure and cannot fall out). Unlike all other methods I have done. In order to move them up  I will need to remove them and replace the beaded row and re-sew the wefts onto it. (Move up/Tighten Them).  This takes about 1 hour per row (and an extra hour for styling or smudging the root of the wefts., taking before/after photos and rebooking your next appointmen)t. 

Move Up:    1 Row =  2 hours $150.      2 Rows =  3 hours $250.        3 Rows = 4 hours $350

Always arrive with CLEAN, Dry Hair. Products are fine to use. No Dirty Hair or I will reschedule you.

Please be sure you have enough time for your appointment. I cannot rush what I do, I'm a perfectionist. 

Does it hurt?

You may experience some mild tightness for the first night , up to 4 days after installation or move up. Don't attempt to put your hair up high for a few days, you can easily pull it gently back in a low pony. There is always an adjustment period when trying something new. After Move Ups, Wait a few days to shampoo. The extension hair is very light weight. People always comment that they can't even feel them in their hair, especially if they are used to other methods that are extremely tight or cause pain at installation. It's addicting.... Ok, I warned you! 

brushing your hair

Use the brush I give you, it is the most gentle. Hold your extensions in a ponytail and brush the ends out first, working your way up. Don't brush over the top of the row of the extensions the hand tied wefts are delicate. Brush before bedtime and before getting your hair wet: (shower, swimming, exercise). Hair that is tangled and wet will need to be dry to remove the tangles. Hair stretches when wet like a rubber band, it can and will break. Best to only brush Dry Hair. If you get a tangle come in and let me help you or I can talk you through how to remove it. A great trick is to use a comb at the very top of your extensions, gently insert if just below the top of the weft, comb down 1-2 ", then brush out any tangles from the bottom up. Hand Tied Hair has a mustache at the top where the hair is hand tied, the excess hair hangs down and runs the opposite direction of the other hair, that top 1-2" can tangle when shampooing it. Wait until it is dry and do the comb trick. Secure your hair above the row out of the way with a clip first. The "return" hair should remain tangle free until it gets wet again. Some "return" hair is longer, I can show you what I mean when you are here for your appointment. Always protect your scalp where the beads are attached, we want that hair to stay healthy. You an also exfoliate with your finger or a soft toothbrush just above your row of beads. If you notice flaky, dry scalp. this will help, or apply a few drops of oil and massage it in at night, shampooing in the morning. I carry everything you need to care for your extensions. Ive always got something new I'm excited about! The special pillow case I have is amazing and will help keep your hair static and tangle free in between appointments.

Shampooing your extensions

Shampoo every 3-4 days using dry shampoo in between. Most wait 7 days. To Shampoo: Brush out all tangles first. Clip up your crown hair, clip up your top row of extensions, and the other rows one at a time. Shampoo from the bottom up. Be sure it is tangle free before wetting it. Massage your scalp with shampoo and rinse thoroughly with a hand held nozzle. Drop down your row of extensions and massage above it. Only wash your scalp, not your extension hair, the suds will do that. Rinse each section thoroughly. Towel Blot and add Conditioner to your Extensions Only. (Shampoo your scalp, Condition your ends). Towel Blot to remove water.  Spray in your Detangler and Oil and Leave in, gently comb thru if you need to.  As you dry it with a diffuser or air dry the tangles will be easy to remove. Do not pull on wet hair with a round brush, wait til the hair is 80% DRY to do that. Blow Dry the Attachment Site because the hair is thickest there. Then let the ends air dry. Use low heat and a quality blow dryer. Extension Hair holds a curl very well, don't use hair spray to curl with, Set your Heat Tools to 280 - 320 Degrees. No Hotter or you will burn your extensions and your natural hair.

can i color my natural hair?

Yes! It is easy for your colorist to do your routine touch ups / Hilights on your natural hair. Check with them first to be sure they are used to working around extensions.  Do not let them color your extensions. Do not let them cut your extension hair. I'm happy to recommend a colorist if you need one. Always color your hair BEFORE you get your Extensions Moved Up. If you forget, wait about 5-7 days after your move up to get your color done. Your natural hair fades, extensions don't fade much at all. You will need to get a toner to maintain your natural hair on the ends. I can readjust the extension wefts to change the colors if you get more hi lights at your color appointment. I can also add new wefts to add lowlights or other colors. Your extra hair will be stored safely  in my studio if we need to add/replace  any of your wefts with new colors. Extension hair is colored at the Production House with Fabric Dye, causing the color to last a very long time . Using Human Hair Color over Fabric Dye is not a good idea. Results will not be reliable and the color will fade, quickly. I can opt to color the roots of your wefts a slightly darker color and have great luck doing this so that your wefts blend in with your natural regrowth and don't show when you pull your hair up. 

Be Gentle

To maintain the longevity of your extensions be gentle when styling, brushing or pulling them into a ponytail. Do not tug or pull tightly on the attachment site. This method is the most secure so it will not fall out. Use a larger hat or helmet because of the extra hair. Always hold the hair when brushing it. Don't round brush wet hair, dry it 80% first. 

contact me via text

No question is silly. Text me as soon as you think you may have a question. Don't attempt to do anything yourself. Text me a photo of what you are concerned about and I will help you troubleshoot it. At your next move up I can rearrange the row(s) if needed to accommodate your lifestyle best. There is always give and take when wearing extensions. Always be polite when texting. If you are frustrated don't worry I've probably helped someone else with the same situation. We will get through it together. I promise! 

What Method do you do?

Since 2015 I have been doing The Kacey Welch Method. It is a beaded row using silicone lined beads and hair to form a track or row. Then the hand tied hair wefts are stacked and clipped onto the row and then sewn securely and comfortably. I'm taken classes/certifications in: The Tightline Method, SKW, NBR, Hairdreams, Dreamcatcher, Soap, Shrink Links, Fusion and Individual Beads, and Tape in. I had issues with all of these other methods. I learned so much from each method and I have been doing extensions since 2004. Once finding the KWM I knew it was just what I needed for my fine haired clients. It's the most natural and comfortable method and it literally can NOT fall out. It takes about 10 min per row to remove, I will do that at no charge. (If you ever want to take a break from longer thicker hair). 

Is this for Thick or Curly Hair?

Not if your hair is extremely curly or very thick. I would need to add an extreme amount of hair to make it longer and it would not be comfortable. I'm always searching for curly hair that won't tangle, unfortunately I've not yet found a brand that meets my high standards.

Will you remove my Fusion or Tape Extensions?

No. Have your previous stylist remove them. I will remove other beaded row methods. I will remove my installation at no charge. 

Rescheduling or Canceling your Appointment

Give me as much notice as you can. I require 24 hours minimum. There will be a $50 fee the first time to rebook + $50 as a no show fee. ($50 will go toward your next service). Next time you will be required to pay your service fee in full. 

Confirmation Texts

If you do NOT receive a text from me confirming your upcoming appointment about one week prior then we do not have an appointment. Text me if you are unsure, I can only work with one client at a time. I don't double book. It is mandatory that you pre-book your move up appointments. Take a half day off work, put in for that day off if your schedule changes often. I do not have room in my schedule to move appointment around. You need to get them moved up every 6-9 weeks, depending on your hair growth and thickness. You do not want to damage your hair. If you are sick please do not show up to your appointment. I will reschedule you.