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(916) 803-3602 (By Appointment Only)

By Pam Edwards (by Appointment Only) Private Studio. TEXT 916-803-3602

By Pam Edwards (by Appointment Only) Private Studio. TEXT 916-803-3602

By Pam Edwards (by Appointment Only) Private Studio. TEXT 916-803-3602By Pam Edwards (by Appointment Only) Private Studio. TEXT 916-803-3602


I believe I am exactly what you've been searching for! Let me tell you why . . .  After 15 years of learning and mastering every type of hair extension method I could get my hands on I found ONE METHOD that has changed Everything! It is the safest method for FINE, THIN hair and the most natural looking and comfortable. Also, it cannot fall out!  It blends the best because it consists of very fine wefts of hand tied hair, like sheer curtains, they are stacked one on top of the other to build thickness and color contrast and then sewn to a row of silicone lined beads that are installed onto the hair to create a track, similar to braiding but not as much tension and less bulky. The points of attachment are in one line/row and wraps around the head, making it easy to style your hair up or half up. It is Secure yet comfortable. Other Methods that have individual strands of hair are attached to 100-400 points on the head. My method uses up to 27 attachments per row, 1 -3 rows maximum.  (this spaces out the weight more evenly) (3 rows for thicker or shorter hair). I have in stock all the colors of the 14" 18" and 22" Indian Hair.  I use Naturally Wavy 100% Indian Remy Cuticle intact human hair, Blond Slavic Hair too - I no longer Install or Remove any other methods.- This HAIR and METHOD is so superior that I stand behind it and am so excited to share it with you! I am certified in The Kacey Welch Method of Hair Extensions and have Trained with her Twice in the past 2 years. Ive been doing these beaded rows since 2014. I've been certified in a total of 5 beaded row / hand tied hair methods. I'm always investing in my extension education to be the best I can be and meet all of your expectations. 


After Making the initial investment of the hair and the installation, the  Move ups are every 8-10  weeks. These maintenance appointments MUST be pre-booked before you leave in order to ensure you will get the time and date that you need.  The hair lasts an average of 6-12 months or more.

I only do Hair Extensions, I do not Shampoo hair, Color Hair, or Do Haircuts.  I'm licensed to do all of that since 1999 but after moving to my private studio 7 years ago I ONLY Install and Move Up Hair Extensions. I retail Halo Removable Hair Pieces and Hair Care Products 

I work alone in my Private Home Studio. By Appointment Only. I cannot take walk ins. No Guests. 

HOURS: 11-7 Monday - Saturday. Closed Sunday. Please Text for Appointments.  Show up at your exact  appointment  time or a few minutes after. I do not have a waiting area inside or a receptionist. I do not double book. Please do not bring anyone to your appointment with you.  My Studio is quiet and private.