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By Pam Edwards

By Pam Edwards

By Pam EdwardsBy Pam EdwardsBy Pam Edwards

By Pam Edwards

By Pam Edwards

By Pam EdwardsBy Pam EdwardsBy Pam Edwards

The Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair!   I'm here to solve your Hair Issues! Whether you have a BAD set of Hair Extensions or you want to Finally LOVE your own hair, I'm your Artist! 


The Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair!   I'm here to solve your Hair Issues! Whether you have a BAD set of Hair Extensions or you want to Finally LOVE your own hair, I'm your Artist! 

How Do I Get Started?

Text me photos: 916-803-3602

Be sure your hair is dry, then Brush it out and take some photos!  Easier to have a friend help. Be sure the photos are in good lighting showing me your hair from all angles. I need to see the front, back and side views showing your hair length, color and layers .When taking a front photo pull the hair from the back around to the front. Back photo, put ALL your hair behind your shoulders. Side pics are best if facing forward and turning your chin to the right then to the left.  Also send a few goal photos.  Remember: Your hair needs to be to your shoulders or longer for best result. 

Before taking the photos be sure your hair is the PERFECT COLOR that you want me to match my extensions to. Get the roots touched up BEFORE you come in for your Installation and Move Ups.  Be sure the ENDS  of your natural hair are EXACTLY the color that  you want them, that's what I use to determine your new extension colors. 

I can give you names of some excellent Colorists that are able to work around the extensions. 

Fill Out my New Client Form

Under the "new client" tab above. Tell me about any previous experiences that you’ve had with hair extensions. Tell me WHAT YOUR ISSUES ARE WITH YOUR HAIR. What do you want to change? I need to understand your hair type and what your hair goals are so that I can help you get the results you want.  Hair extensions are life changing, giving you increased confidence. I want Everyone to be able to experience that! They also make your ends look thicker, longer and more healthy. Your hair is Easier to style because they hold a curl until you wash them. The colors don't fade and they are perfect for adding hi lights or lowlights to your existing color. My Goal is to find Women who have had bad experiences elsewhere and help them to have a Great Hair Extension Experience! 

set up YOUR first appointment

Only AFTER We have decided on a plan for your New Extensions can we  set up your Installation Appointment. In order To Hold your Date and Time I will need a Non refundable Deposit of $300 through  Zelle,  ApplePay, or Paypal.  This will go toward your Balance. 

The Hair Extensions can be reused  6 months to a year, but maintenance needs to be done approximately every 8 weeks.

Move Ups:

1 Row:   $175.   2 hours

2 Rows:  $275.   3 hours 

3 Rows:  $375.   4 hours

Price estimates are on my "Pricing" page.

Cancellation Policy:

Rescheduling  / NO SHOW

I need at least 24 hours notice if you need to change your appointment. Otherwise I will need you to apple pay/zelle me $50 to cover the missed appointment, the first time. If it happens again it will be the full price of the appointment. 

My Studio

My In Home Hair Extension Only Studio is Private and Cozy! Just you and me .

Private and Relaxing

My In Home Studio overlooks Midtown. It’s quite and relaxing.  I have the whole upstairs flat. I'll give you a tour a soon as you arrive! My goal is to really CONNECT with my clients. Crystals and Plants and Cats are everywhere. I am very Spiritual an Intuitive. I feel I really do attract the most Interesting Women into my Studio. I want to know what YOU are passionate about. Unburden yourself. I love to listen. Complementary Goddess Guidance Oracle Card Readings and Birth Charts are my favorite way to end my appointments. 

It’s your own private Tree House where you are the center of the world! Relax and feel safe!

Relax, put your feet up and Feel Comfortable and Safe. Watch midtown life happen through my windows. We can order Door Dash or watch TV while you sit back and let me transform you!  I work alone.  Your privacy is guaranteed. No one else but you will be here during your appointment. Listen to calming music and  the sounds of the water fountain. Enjoy a cup of Hot Tea, a Latte, or a Glass of Wine. You may even have a cat cuddle with you on your lap. 


Nice to meet you! I'm Pam.

As an Old Soul and an Introvert (Cancer Sun, Aries Rising, Cancer Moon)...  I THRIVE when working one on one with you! Getting to really know you and being your confidante and friend. I'm so passionate about hair extensions, you will be too once you see my studio! I've been a hairdresser for 20 years, doing extensions 15 years. The past 7 years I have concentrated on SPECIALIZING in JUST EXTENSIONS. I am always getting more education on all the new methods. I'm obsessed with learning. Ask me Anything. If I don't know the answer I will figure it out and get back to you!  


My Great Wall of hair

 Hair Extensions are my PASSION and  I need ALL the colors to be Creative and give you your dream hair. Together we will design the perfect color blend for your hair extensions. I use Slavic Hair for my Lightest Blonds and Indian Temple Hair for my other colors (it has a nice natural wave). All the hair is in stock, from 14", 18" 22". Longer Lengths are a special order and takes 6 weeks to arrive. The hair is ethically sourced. I test new hair all the time. I only use hair I am familiar with so that I can guarantee the best results. I have another room I use as my Photo Studio. Where did you think I took all those before and afters on my Instagram Story Hilights? Wear a cute top or jacket and some makeup if you will be allowing me to photograph your face, it's all about your comfort level. I will use only photos that YOU approve. 


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